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SONICAKE Guitar Effects Pedal

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About us

We, SONICAKE, are a bunch of music enthusiastics. We’ve been playing the instruments since forever, and we’ve been loving the instruments since forever. Years ago, the idea of starting a company, that makes quality musical instruments, yet with decent prices, came to us. It took some time to gather the team, and get everything sorted out. And now here we are,SONICAKE

One-Year Warranty

For products whose packaging is marked with our One-Yea r Warranty Logo when sold through authorized retailers, we warrant our consumer products to be defect free both in mate rials and workmanship that result in failure during normal usage. This warranty is extended to the original end-user purchaser, begi nning at the time of retail purchase. This limited warranty is the sole and exclusive remedy, offered in lieu of all other warranties, expressed or implied. Sonicake will not be liable for any indirect,incidental, or pun itive damages arising from use of this product.