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Sonicake is one of the best kept secrets in the guitar industry, their products are top notch their prices can't be beaten and their level of class is second to none. honest hard-working helpful people that are just genuinely nice to deal with. thank you sonicake for not only the great products but for just being upstanding human beings!

Joe Smith

This guy Richard that i spoke to, from the company is one of the nicest guys I've ever dealt with! Extremely helpful and responsive!! And their stuff is phenomenal!

Greg Vaughan

Working on the soundtrack for the independent film "Timeless". Playing guitar through my Sonicake Black Hammer and Rockstage pedalboards direct into mixer. Using hi gain and noise reduction on Black Hammer into delay, reverb, and cab sim on Rockstage. Huge sound without an amp!

Rock n' Roll ain't noise pollution !——AC/DC

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