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First thing first:

We make pedals, not cakes...


Jesse Howard

Sonicake is one of the best kept secrets in the guitar industry, their products are top notch their prices can't be beaten and their level of class is second to none. honest hard-working helpful people that are just genuinely nice to deal with. thank you sonicake for not only the great products but for just being upstanding human beings!

Dwayne Higgins

Recieved today my sonicake 4 different mini amps, extremely impressed.

Best Product on the market like this still, better than Vox Mini Rythm amp for sounds, sounds amazing, better than most effects pedals ive tried too.

I really love the sound quality, also that its rechargeable, thats awesome. Just wish their was a button to turn of and on the power leds on it, they can get way too bright.

Henry Caseley

Just to say THANK YOU. I’ve just got my new Twiggy Blues pedal.

Well all I can say is AWESOME guys sounds stunning in front of my Blues Deluxe.At last a multi stomp pedal with no led display to get lost in at the eleventh hour on stage.This won’t be the last product I buy from you guys. Well done done, you’ve got the correct price point, build quality, usability, and sound quality.

“ I’m in” .

Rock n' Roll ain't noise pollution ! —— AC/DC

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