Matribox II

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● New Hardware and Digital Modeling Technology to accurately reproduce Every Detail of the Sound with High Fidelity and Clarity.

● 200+ Built-in Guitar/Bass/Acoustic Effects with 63 Legendary Amp Models and 61 carefully selected IR Cabinet Simulations, 3rd Party IR Support (15 User Slots).

● 100 Built-in Drum Rhythms and 90 Seconds Looper, 198 Presets, Adjustable Signal Chain with Maximum 10 Simultaneous Effect Blocks.

● USB Audio Interface with Stereo Audio Streaming, Support OTG function for directly Connecting to iOS/Android Mobile Devices.

● Free Mac/Windows Software for Sound Editing and Presets Managing.


Matribox II Software V1.0.0 for Mac

Matribox II Software V1.0.0 for Windows

Matribox II Firmware V1.0.3

Sonicake USB ASIO Driver V5.41.3

Matribox II Manual

Matribox II 中文说明书


Matribox II is Sonicake's second-generation multi-effect processor, inheriting the rich technical accumulation of the first-generation product and making further breakthroughs in technology and quality. The new hardware platform and digital modeling technology can perfectly reproduce every detail of the sound, and perform more accurately, clearly and with high fidelity, meeting various creative needs.


✪ Matribox Gen 2 hardware platform with advanced digital modeling technology
✪ High-definition white box modeling for a realistic sound experience
✪ 63 amplifier and over 93 effect pedal simulations
✪ 61 cabinet simulations with support for 15 user IRs
✪ 10 simultaneous and movable effect modules
✪ Large color screen with user-friendly interface
✪ 3 footswitches with two customizable footswitch modes
✪ Built-in expression pedal, support for external pedal or footswitches
✪ FX LOOP interface supports the 4 Cable Method for connecting other devices
✪ Headphone interface compatible with various impedance headphones
✪ MIDI I/O for integration with other MIDI devices
✪ With AUX IN and the ability to record via USB Audio
✪ USB Audio supports Win/Mac/iOS/Android systems
✪ USB Audio features multiple sets of virtual I/O interfaces, supporting operations such as Loopback and Re-Amp.
✪ Easy-to-use editing software in Win/Mac
✪ 90-second loop function
✪ 100 drum rhythms , including metronome
✪ Tuner with screen display, fast and accurate
✪ 198 preset slots (99 factory presets)
✪ Durable metal casing
✪ Powered by 9V DC power supply