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● Expression pedal and passive volume pedal 2 in 1.

● Working without Battery or Pedal Power Supply.

● Full-size pedal More suitable for the feet.

● 100% analog Passive Volume/Expression Pedal.

● High Compatibility. Working with Guiar, Bass, Keyboard, Synthesizer, Workstation, Controller, etc.


User Manual


Input Impedance (Active Volume Mode): 2MΩ
Output Impedance (Active Volume Mode): 100Ω
Power: DC 9V 5.5mm x2.1mm center negative, 22mA
Dimensions: 148.5mm (D) × 65.5mm (W) × 61mm (H)
Weight: 821g


The FlipVol is an easy-to-use passive volume/expression combo pedal.

Simple design thinking, abandoning the inconvenience caused by too many sockets, allowing you to easily control and use this pedal.

FlipVol is a passive pedal that does not require additional power supply. Say goodbye to the hassle of having too many power cables and have a better user experience. After connecting according to the instructions, use it.