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● 100% Analog Envelope Filter/Auto Wah by Picking Dynamics.

● Designed for both Guitar & Bass with Fast and Accurate Tracking.

● Wide Range Funky Tone Shaping with 4 useful Knobs.

● True Bypass Footswitch keeps a clean Signal Path.

● Working with 9V Center Negative Regular Pedal Power Supply(not included).


User Manual


Power: DC 9v center negative (not included)
Current consumption: 15mA
Dimensions: 93.5mm(D)×42mm(W)×52mm(H)
Weight: 228.7g

Sonicake Cry-Bot is the auto wah pedal from our catalogue, featuring flexible and dynamic tonal controls, which will deliver you that classic humanizing envelope filter wah effect. You know that "gooey, slurpy, quacky, syrupy" sound? Yeah, it's made to do that.

Full analog, true bypass. Cry-Bot delivers a very rapid and accurate tracking of your pickin' dynamics. It literally illustrate the saying "Tone comes from your fingers".

Simple controls layout of: 

SENSE-- sensibility of the filter; 
FREQ-- frequency range of the filter; 
DECAY-- speed at which the filter frequency falls back to the resting point; 
PRES-- brightness of the filter.

Cry-Bot also comes with a heavy duty metal footswitch and on/off status LED; aluminum-alloy die cast casing to withstand wear and tear. Road-ready.