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● Ideal Carry-On/Bedroom Guitar Effects with Headphone Amplifier for Silent Practicing.

● Classic Tweed Amp Clean and Overdrive Tone Tastes.

● Built-in Reverb Effects, adding additional Sonic Dimensions to the Overall Tone.

● Headphone Splitter & 1/8'' Aux Cable included, providing more possibilities for various contexts of use.

● USB-Chargeable (USB Charging Cable included) for 5 Hours Continuous Operation.


User Manual


Dimensions: 97mm(D)×65mm(W)×42mm(H);

Sonicake US Classic is a headphone pocket guitar amp, plug-in type, designed to give you the tonal mojo of an American classic combo amplifier with the tweed cloth covering, which is widely employed in millions of tracks from the blues and early classic rock era, The Rolling Stones' Brown Sugar to ZZ Top's Brown Sugar. You just can't be wrong with that light fuzzy, edge of break-up sound. Best paired with headphones with higher impedance.

The US Classic comes with a built-in reverb effect, adding additional sonic dimensions to the overall tone.

An 1/8 inch AUX input and a PHONES jack make it way easier for the artists to play with their favorite backing tracks, making it a perfect tool for daily practice and pre-show warming-up. The 1/4 inch jack is for plugging straight into your guitar.

No batteries needed for this pocket amp! It is USB-chargeable, and we've included a USB charging cable within the package for your convenience. One charge will keep you playing for 5 straight hours.

A headphone splitter and a 1/8'' aux cable are also included for extra connectivity, providing more possibilities for various contexts of use. 

Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Renard O.

The US Classic is a useful and good-sounding piece of gear for my guitar. Glad I bought it.

William M.

At first, I thought the headphone amp only worked with the left speaker. My existing headphone speaker was defective. I bought a set of mono headphones with a mono conversion jack adapter—everything sounds good with the SoniCake US Classic. The sounds are limited to a tweed oversaturated reverb, mild overdrive, or clean sound; but, these sounds are great for practicing after midnight—when the rest of the house is asleep. And, well, for $25 bucks, what can a buyer expect? Perfection? Not perfect but definitely doable. Buy the headphone app. It's good.

Paul R.

Indicator lights are really very bright. Use of the Distortion effect causes it to cut out and fade as if it has been turned down and then off. After I initially charged and used it the "Clean" did the same. So I left it on with leds face down overnight and next morning to run it's battery down and recharged. Clean now works OK (for now) and effects still causes sound to cut out. Would return it but shipping and Insurance w/ tracking would be about 1/3 of original cost and IMHO not worth it. Paul R. Purchased 5/2020

Firouzeh M.

I love this, Best invention ever. I plug-in my headphones to it and can take it anywhere And practice. I like the sound effects too. Plug in your MP3 player and play along with your favorite songs, while everybody is sleeping or watching TV! Sounds just like my AMP in my ears. Sonicake was a great discovery, love their pedals too.

Guillermo A.

Great toy for practicing alone and super convenient. Works great with headphones or with speakers. SONICAKE rocks.

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