Product Description

● One-Stop Gig Solution for Blues/Retro Rock Players with Main Effects needed.

● Analog Dumble Style Overdrive simulates the Vintage High-Grade Tube Amp Sound.

● The secret Compressor provides a classic Smooth & Juicy Tone, especially with the DRIVE.

● 500ms Analog-Voicing Delay with High Quality Reverb with Musical Tone Range.

● Built-in Cabinets Simulation for directly connecting to PA, Mixer or Audio Interface.


User Manual


Power: 9V DC center negative(included)
Current Consumption:105mA
Dimension: 262mm(D)×64mm(W)×44mm(H)
Weight: 480g
Max delay time: 500ms

An Overdrive Pedal?
The core of Sonicake Twiggy Blues is the overdrive part. We all love those vintage tone from Tube Screamer and Boss Blues Driver. That's basically the go-to overdrives for musicians thru out the world. And we take the inspiration from those classics and put a lil ' some new twist into it. The EQ curve is more focused on the high mids, making sure that your solo is gonna cut thru. The tonal characters are just like when you push an old tube amp over its edge. So vintage, so raw, so full of attitude.

The Reverb & Delay
To make it quick and simple, and avoid using those confusing words like "luscious", "natural", let's put it this way: the reverb module can expand your tone from a small room to a big concert hall; The delay is analog-voicing. They both run on digital algorithms, but they sound analog. Find any YouTube demo of Twiggy, you'll know what I'm talking about.

Compressor for All the Juice
The compressor is the secret weapon in Twiggy. We originally meant it to sound a little twangy for the country artists out there. But later we found out that when combining the comp and overdrive together, you get yourself a tone that is kinda close to those Dumble amps. That's what the internet has been buzzing about. "The $80 Dumble Solution". That's the bang for your buck.

For Gigs & Studios
The pedal is built like a tank. Heavy-duty metal casing. Well constructed. LED knobs indicating the working state of the pedal, which would make it easy for you to gig in a dark venue. What's more? Twiggy has a cab sim in. Yeah, you can directly plug it into the PA system or your sound card, for gigging and home studio recordings.

Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 35 reviews
Ed B.

Amazed at the quality of the product. It seems extremely robust and well built. Foot switches look like they will standup to heavy use. The adjusting buttons are a bit small but given overall size of the unit, they function well. It would be nice if there was a 9 volt battery adaptor to make unit portable, maybe a clip on extra? ( I have battery powered Roland cube! that lasts 8 hours on a charge!) . My unit is the 'twiggy blues' flavoured unit and is nice and warm sounding and has very useable tones.

Morris R.

So it’s a great buy! I use it to gig on guitar at open jams! But it works great with harmonica. I’m now using it on all my payed shows! It small and has great reverb and delay! I’m a pro, I play 200+ shows a year! This fits my case! I no longer carry a large pedal board!

David T.

I am learning Guitar and I first bought a multi effects pedal, but found it too confusing, with too many weird sounds and a little complicated to set up and store other sounds.
this was more from an inconvenience situation, than me being techno dumb.

The Twiggy Blues Pedal has the right amount of effects to enable a good tone for both practice and performance.
The Compressor gives the strings a sensitive edge, which is great for picking out chords.
the Overdrive is not too Overdriven, but is perfect for Blues and Sixties Vibe.

The Slapback delay is great for a bit of Rockabilly or Surf Sounds and the Reverb gives that atmospheric touch.
The Magic is how they all work together and no pressing buttons to store settings.
either remember where you dial the knobs or perhaps use a Sharpie to mark the positions.

So for me, this is probably the only pedal I need, though I may use it as part of a Guitar Pedalboard, with a Boss BluesDriver and a Wah Pedal and perhaps a Looper.

Andy S.

Affordable, quality, versatility.

Jeremy E.

I love this pedal, im in a Badfinger cover band and also do originals in a band called the Sane Riot, this pedal is my go to!!

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