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●One-Stop Gig Solution for Bass Players with Main Effects needed.

●Analog Preamp with 3-Band EQ recreates the Legendary Ampeg Style Tone, from Dynamic Clean to Classic Rock Bass Sound.

●Compressor, Boost, Fuzz Modules ready for Most Common Use in Bass Playing Scenes.

●Octave Module Produces Notes One and Two Octaves Lower along with the Direct Signal for the Massive Thickness or Treble Tricky with some High Frets Tracking.

●XLR Output for directly connecting to PA, Mixer or Audio Interface;  FX Loop for Hooking up other Effects.


User Manual


Power: 9V DC center negative(included)
Current Consumption:60mA
Dimension: 262mm(D)×64mm(W)×44mm(H)
Weight: 500g

BOOM Ave. is a multi-effects bass pedal. Yeah, for BASS! All about that bass! We know sometimes you would feel ignored by the other band members. But hey, at Sonicake, we always believe that bassists are way more crucial than those egomaniac guitarists. True story!

BOOM Ave. gives you 4 essentials for bass playing: a BOOST/COMP, a FUZZ, a PREAMP, and an OCTAVE.

BOOST/COMP is as straightforward as it is. It comes with a volume boost and a compressor. FUZZ is pretty standard. Think about Russian Muff with some additional EQ twist. PREAMP is a classic. We try to pay our tribute to the legendary Ampeg style tone. OCTAVE is dual sub octave. But you can blend the ratio of the original dry signal and the octaves.

What's more?

It has an FX LOOP after preamp section. You can add whatever you wanna add in that loop.

It also has an XLR OUT for you to send the balanced signal to your sound card or PA mixer.

BOOM, all about that bass! No treble : )