Black Hammer

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● One-Stop Gig Solution for Metalheads with Main Effects needed.

● Analog Hi-Gain Distortion with 3-Band EQ  and Smart Noise Gate.

● A Pre-Gain Boost can Push Up more Gain and Volume of the Distortion, perfect for some Heavy Riffs or Loud Solos.

● BBD-style Analog-sounding Chorus Brings Classic Ambient Tone.

● 500ms Analog-Voicing Delay for adding Ambience on different Tone Demands.


User Manual


Power: 9V DC center negative (included)
Current Consumption: 75mA
Dimension: 262mm(D)×64mm(W)×44mm(H)
Weight: 500g
Max delay time: 500ms

Black Hammer is a multi effects pedal. But you can also see it as:

A Distortion Pedal
That heavy hi-gain metal distortion is the power engine of Black Hammer! We thought that it can only do metalcore stuff like Killswitch Engage or thrash stuff like Slayer. But that 3-band EQ can get you any heavy tone you want from Black Sabbath to Van Halen, to Pantera, to Slipknot, to Bring Me The Horizon, to Periphery and Meshuggah. Bonus! Black Hammer comes with a fast and responsive noise gate, to further tame the unnecessary noise while retaining the dynamics of your playing. And that boost is gonna give you another kick in the volume level when you launch into those epic shreddings.

A Delay Pedal
To make it quick and simple, and avoid using those confusing words like "luscious", "natural", let's put it this way: The delay is analog-voicing. It runs on digital algorithms, but they sound analog. Find any YouTube demos of Black Hammer, you'll know what I'm talking about.

A Chorus Pedal
First thing first, it's a BBD-style chorus. Think about those Boss CE chorus. It sounds mild in depth, but so full of texture. If you wanna chase the 80's heavy metal tone, that chorus is definitely something you need. Think about that solo in Ozzy's "No More Tears". But if you prefer something more contemporary. This chorus will help in that process by broadening up the sonic landscape of your playing.

For Gigs & Studios
The pedal is built like a tank. Heavy-duty metal casing. Well constructed. LED knobs indicating the warking state of the pedal, which would make it easy for you to gig in a dark venue. Or if you wanna record some heavy stuff, that hi-gain part would definitely have no problem serving as a preamp. Just put some IR after it. You are good to metal.