Product Description

● Ideal Carry-On/Bedroom Guitar Multi-Effects with Headphone Amplifier for Silent Practicing.

● 6 AMP Modules with Clean, Overdrive and Distortion Amp Models based on the World's most Famous Amplifiers  with Cab Sim.

● Built-in Modulation, Delay and Reverb Effect Modules Total 18 Effects, adding additional Sonic Dimensions to the Overall Tone.

● Bluetooth audio and aux input for jamming along with your favorite tracks.

● USB-Chargeable (USB Charging Cable included) for 5 Hours Continuous Operation.

* Kind Reminder: does not apply to Bluetooth headphones or Bluetooth speakers, it can only be wirelessly connected to mobile phone or computer to input background music.


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Dimensions: 96mm(D)×43.2mm(W)×33.5mm(H);
Weight: 63g.

Amphonix is Sonicake new generation Bluetooth headphone guitar amplifier. Built with 6 amp models, inside you'll find all the heat of the world's most famous amplifiers, each with a full range of tone adjustment. You get everything you need for clean natural tone, toasty overdrive, and even heavy metal, ALL IN ONE!

Not only that, but these amps can be combined with 18 effects. Switchable modulation, delay and reverb effect modules to give your performance that A-list tone.

A special designed lithium battery is for powering the amp and bringing you over five hours of continuous use charged by USB.

An aux in jack bestows upon you the right to jam on your favorite tracks, or simply do it via Bluetooth without the shackles of cables.

✪ Contains 6 different types of amp models, based on world-class amplifiers
✪ Four-dial hi-def tone shaping control
✪ MOD, DLY and RVB modules can be used simultaneously, each with 6 effects
✪ Bluetooth audio and aux input for jamming along with your favorite tracks
✪ Playing anytime, anywhere for up to 5 hours
✪ Onboard USB charger

Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Rhoda Hartmann

Great whistle! Flexible in settings, good sound, at an affordable price. There is a slight delay when switching, but in general, 5 + .. For 2.800 K fully met expectations.

Phill M.

Awesome practice tool. Anytime, anywhere convenience. Long lasting battery and lots of tones.
I don't think you'll find anything close to it for this price. Small and well built.
I would have given 5 stars but only gave 4 because I was disappointed that I can't connect my Bluetooth ear buds. I hate headphone wires.
If they add that 1 option it would be perfect to me. It does easily connect wirelessly to my phone for playing along with my favorite songs though, which is great! If you are able , pick one up . You won't regret it!

Mark L.

It went into pairing mode when i first turned it on, but how do i put it back into pairing mode when i want to pair it to something else.

Guerino D.

Sembra di avere una pedaliera multieffetto nelle cuffie.
Molto pratica con i vari colori a distinguere gli ampli, gli effetti e le modulazioni.

tim s.

Great buy and great tones. Will tell others about it

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