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● Ideal Carry-On/Bedroom Guitar Effects with Headphone Amplifier for Silent Practicing.

● Dynamic Clean Tone designed for both Guitar and Bass.

● Built-in Chorus Effects add additional Sonic Dimensions to the Overall Tone.

● Headphone Splitter & 1/8'' Aux Cable included, providing more possibilities for various contexts of use.

● USB-Chargeable (USB Charging Cable included) for 5 Hours Continuous Operation.


User Manual


Dimensions: 97mm(D)×65mm(W)×42mm(H);

Sonicake US Madness is a headphone pocket guitar/bass amp, plug-in type, giving you the ultimate experience of playing through a ultra high-headroom clean combo amplifier with two 12 inch Jensen alnico speakers and a narrow black front panel, also a phenomenal built-in chorus circuit. The US Madness is packed with tasteful tonal qualities: warm, natural, dynamic, amp-like... Meanwhile, it is also a GREAT tool for all the bassists out there. It sounds amazing with the bass. Best paired with headphones with higher impedance.

The US Madness comes with a built-in chorus effect, adding additional sonic dimensions to the overall tone.

An 1/8 inch AUX input and a PHONES jack make it way easier for the artists to play with their favorite backing tracks, making it a perfect tool for daily practice and pre-show warming-up. The 1/4 inch jack is for plugging straight into your guitar.

No batteries needed for this pocket amp! It is USB-chargeable, and we've included a USB charging cable within the package for your convenience. One charge will keep you playing for 5 straight hours.

A headphone splitter and a 1/8'' aux cable are also included for extra connectivity, providing more possibilities for various contexts of use.

Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Joshua Gibson

Arrived very fast, now to try it, everything looks as described, excellent delivery service

Alan P.

Great Headphhone Amp and terrific customer service!

John C.

I like this product a lot and think it offers very good value for money. For me, the build quality is better than expected. The tone is as expected.... other reviews that I read suggested that the sound was not perfect and this is true. BUT.... for the money it delivered everything I needed which primarily is the simple desire to hear myself play along with mp3s on my phone using inly a very small piece of equipment so you can travel light and still keep up with practice. I love the USB charging facility and a charge lasts several sessions (for me, about 4 or 5 then I recharge before its exhausted) In short, I love it and would recommend it. I would also be happy to pay substantially more for a better sound if such a thing existed but for now I'm very pleased and satisfied with the sonicake bass amp plug.

Igor P.

Works for the basic purpose of being able to hear yourself, I got it for my bass and does it job

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