Sonic IR

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● Simple & Efficient Impulse Response Loading tool for simulating all kinds of Speaker Cabinets.

●11 on-board Classic Guitar/Bass Cabinet Simulations with Volume Control.

● Super easy way (Drag and Drop operation) for Managing IR Files (recognized as a USB Disk).

● XLR Balanced Output for plugging into Mixer or Audio Interface or PA System.

● Working with 9V Center Negative Regular Pedal Power Supply (not included).


User Manual


Power: DC 9V 5.5 x 2.1mm center negative, 200mA
Dimensions: 93.5mm ( D ) x 42mm ( W ) x 52mm ( H )
Weight: 270g
IR Processing:24bit, 44.1kHz, 1024 points
Signal to noise ratio:100dB
Frequency Range:20Hz~20kHz

SONIC IR is a simple and efficient cabinet simulator delivering 11 selected classic guitar/bass cabinet models. You can load your own IR files. Two outputs jacks are suitable for different usage

Download: Sonic IR Factory Cab IR Files (Right click and save as)

IR file converter (Need newest version google chrome browser)

Connect to computer to import your IR files. The Sonic

IR will be recognized as a USB disk when connected.

To import an IR file:

1.Drag and drop an IR file into the USB disk. The IR file should be a 24-bit, 44.1kHz mono wav file ONLY. File name should start with a location number ranging from 01-11 (e.g. “06 My IR 4x12” is a correct name; the “06” indicates the location the file will be saved).

2.Delete the original file with the same location number.

3.Delete the “FILELIST” file in the USB disk.

4.Eject and restart the unit.



  1. If there is no file at one location, when you switch to that location, you will hear a bypassed sound.
  2. If you want to keep the factory IR files, remember to BACKUP THEM FIRST.


CAB Models



Based On


Champion 1x8

Fender® Champ* 1x8" cabinet


Voks 2x12

VOX® AC30* 2x12" cabinet


TR65 2X12

Fender® ‘65 Twin Reverb* 2x12" cabinet


UK 2550 2x12

Marshall® 2550* 2x12" cabinet


BM59 4X10

Fender® ‘59 Bassman* 4x10" cabinet


Tanger 4x12

Orange® PPC412* 4x12" cabinet


UK 1960 4x12

Marshall® 1960AV* 4x12" cabinet


6505 4x12

Peavey® 6505* 4x12" cabinet 


Mebo 4x12

Mesa/Boogie® Rectifier* 4x12" cabinet 


M Bass 2x10

Mark Bass®* 2x10" bass cabinet 


A Bass 8x10

Ampeg® SVT-810F* 8x10" bass cabinet


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