Sonic Cube

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● USB Audio Interface will be protected from any Hum or Interference. Also During Long-Distance Transmission, Record Singing or Guitar, Bass to the Recording Software Through the Recording Software, So that you can make your Favorite Music.    

● Select USB Power Supply or External DC 5V as The Local Power Supply Source.

● High-Performance Converter allows you to record and mix at up to 24bit/ 48kHz. There is Lower Noise and Achieves High-Quality Audio Reproduction. Meeting the key Functions Required by Contemporary Music and Producers.

● For Reliable Power, The Stage Audio Mixer is equipped with +48V Phantom Power. With Ultra-Low Noise Design. Suitable for Beginners and Studio Professional Applications.

● Compatible with Almost all Recording Software for Mac, Windows, It can Perfect Match ProTools//Reaper/Ableton and Other DAW Recording Software.


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Sonicake_USB ASIO

Supported sample rates: 24Bit/48kHz
LINE/INST 2:6.35mm
Outputs: 6.35 meters
Stereo headphone output: 6.35mm TRS
USB: USB 2.0 Type C
Power: 5V DC
Dimension: 95.8mm(D)×143.5mm(W)×43.5mm(H)
Weight: 320g

This product is a dual-channel professional audio interface with high quality analog preamplifier, easy to use, compact and compact.
The solution has excellent dynamic range with noise and distortion performance. Use a high quality microphone to record.
You'll find excellent clarity and parsing performance in the all-important mid - to high-frequency range.
In addition, channel 2 preamplifiers can accept higher input levels, meeting the maximum demand for many Musical Instruments.
Connect with the computer, so that you can get the best recording effect.