9V DC Daisy Chain 5-Plug Power Cable

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●24AWG Oxygen-Free Copper Inner Core.

●5 Right-Angle Plugs for saving Pedalboard Space.

●0.82ft Distance between Plugs.

●3.5mm Diameter for most Common Use.

●Weight: 60g; Length: 5.24 ft.

SONICAKE 9V DC daisy chain 5-plug power cable splits your 1-way power supply into 5 ways. Definitely a must-have for your pedal board. It's quite rare to see guitarist putting only 1 pedal onto their board. You need to split that power!

The daisy chain cable is equipped with 24AWG oxygen-free copper inner core for pure power transmission, and noise isolation.

The distance between each plug is up to 0.82 ft, which makes it easy and convenient to connect pedals on your board.

The wire of the cable comes with a diameter of 3.5mm, sturdy enough. 5 right-angle plugs keep your connection orderly, making your board neat and tight.