Mute Cymbal Set

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● LOWER VOLUME: Sonicake Mute Cymbals are up to 70%-80% Quieter than traditional cymbals without losing the feel of the metal cymbals. Play longer without ear fatigue or hearing damage. 

● HIGH QUALITY: The quiet cymbals are well built, and the entire surface of the mute cymbal is polished to make the surface and edges smoother. Our proprietary modern manufacturing techniques combined with stainless steel give you a real cymbal feel with a sophisticated look.

● DURABILITY AND STABILITY: Our stainless steel material is thickened to ensure durability, making it less likely to break. Each of SONICAKE Low Volume Cymbal has more than 1500 holes produce beautifully rich and clear cymbal tones with a lower volume.

● WIDELY USED: This set of silent cymbals is very suitable for use in the apartment, bedrooms, rehearsals, and other settings. They can be used with any drum set. Allows you to get a more perfect experience with an ultra-low price.

● PACKAGE INCLUDED: The Low Volume Cymbal Pack includes a pair of 14" Hi-hats, a 16" crash, an 18" crash, a 20" ride (total 5 PCS) and 90 days guarantee backed up by our awesome customer support, please contact us directly if you have any questions!