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Feeling restricted by factory presets or seeking ones that reflect your unique style? Our custom presets, created by talented musicians, are at your fingertips. Discover and download now!


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5E3 Tweed

Alex Price

Preset begins with “H” is designed it for use with humbucking pickups
Preset begins with “S” is designed it for use with single coil pickups.

5E3 Tweed presets:
Footswitch 1 - skreamer overdrive
Footswitch 2 - compression & magnetic delay
Always on spring reverb
Unassigned effects - bias tremolo, & noise gate

H - 5E3 Tweed.prst

S - 5E3 Tweed.prst


JCM 800

 Alex Price

JCM 800 presets:
Footswitch 1 - skreamer overdrive
Footswitch 2 - analog delay
Always on plate reverb & noise gate
Unassigned effects - univibe

Matribox Presets on Alex's website

H - JCM 800.prst

S - JCM 800.prst

Matribox Start Point  Eric Merrow

The "start point" preset is meant to be an all-in-one type of general preset. The basis of this patch lies in the footpedal. I designed the toe position to be a pretty crunchy amp tone and as you pull the footpedal down to the heel position, the amp gets cleaner without dropping volume. The left footswitch turns a mid-focused boost on and off - while the right footswitch wet effects (modulation, delay and reverb) on and off.

Matribox Synth Patch  Eric Merrow The "Synth Patch" preset was designed to take your stringed instrument (guitar/bass) and turn it into a synthesizer. So in this patch you get nice glassy synth sounds. The left footswitch will turn on/off a combination of compression and chorus, while the right footswitch turns delay and reverb on/off. SynthPatch.prst
Matribox II

JM Clean

John Mayer Gear

JM Clean is about a crystal clear Fender black-panel styled amp tone, with some reverb, slapback delay, and a touch of compression to mimic higher wattage. This would be the blueprint for the sound.

JM Clean.prst
Matribox II

JM Overdrive

John Mayer Gear

JM overdrive adds a TS808-styled overdrive for a light solo boost, this is the basic JM solo tone.

JM Overdrive.prst
Matribox II

JM Lead

John Mayer Gear

JM lead stacks a BluesBreaker-styled overdrive into a TS808-styled overdrive for extra punch and saturation. On top of this, there's a tube-driven Tape Delay for lead soloing.

JM Lead.prst
Matribox II


Marcelo Cidrack the "MCK WT CLEAN" is a preset developed to play various textures of music such as Indie, Soft Rock, Post Rock, and other styles. MCK WT CLEAN.prst
Matribox II


Marcelo Cidrack

The “MCK WT BIG DLY” is for wetter guitar textures, with very large reverbs and delays.