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Xtomp Mini

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Imagine This 

You are at a gig. During sound check, your vintage Tube Screamer suddenly quits on you, or your 80's MIJ Boss CE chorus pedal just drops dead, or the preamp tube in your amp starts burning. What would you do? Cancel the show? It is hardly common to carry a backup guitar pedal or even an amplifier around you all the time. But it's quite easy to carry this Xtomp Mini in your gig bag. And trust me! It's gonna save your gig. Because, as they said, this mini effects pedal is indeed "A Portal To Infinity". It has everything we need as a guitarist or a bassist.

Ultimate Versatility

Hotone Xtomp Mini models after not only all those classic stompbox pedals, but also those mainstream amplifiers and cabs. Pedal simulations from drive to modulation, delay, EQ and reverb. Amps from vintage American clean, to classic British crunch and modern ferocious hi-gain. Cabs from single-speaker small combos to 412 half stacks and 810 human-height bass cabs. And what's more? The library is growing!

It's that "one" pedal you need.

- Your ultimate "secret weapon".
- The effect that comes to mind in a jam setting or on the fly.
- That pedal you could never afford or track down.
- Your ticket to experimenting with different tones.
- The classic tool for your home studio.

The Tones?

Xtomp Mini is also powered by Hotone's original CDCM modelling technology, processing the signal in a dynamic stage, recreating the working state of those analog tubes, diodes, and op-amps. The tones of those patches are just like the originals. If you have a Tube Screamer, take it out. Do an A/B test with the "Green 9" patch in the library. I guarantee you will have some difficulty telling the difference between them.

Gig Friendly

Not only we shrink the size of the original Xtomp to save the precious real estate on your board, but also we build it like a tank, solid and robust, to withstand all the wear and tear. Most importantly, the Bluetooth connectivity and Xtomp App make it quite easy to change and load different patches. The App can be downloaded at the Xtomp official site.

The Specifications

Controls: 6 LED knobs and a 1 On/Off footswitch.
Mono In/ Mono Out jacks.
Analog buffered bypass swithching.
Input impedance: 470 kOhm. Output impedance: 100 Ohm.
Audio frequency response: 20Hz-20kHz.
S/N Ratio: 105dB.
Power: 9v DC, center negative.
Current consumption: 250mA, max.
Dimension: 62.5mm(D) x 113mm(W) x 43mm(H).
Weight: 200g.