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Xtomp Mini

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●All-Effects in One Stompbox via Bluetooth Control.

●Free iOS/Android, PC/MAC Apps for Loading/Managing 200+ High Quality Modeling & Original Effects.

●Powerful TI C67 series DSP onboard, 24-bit A/D/A conversion & 105dB S/N Ratio.

●100% Analog Signal Path and Special Design Buffer Bypass Circuit Keeps the Sound Pristine.

●Working with 9V Center Negative Regular Pedal Power Supply.

✪ Powerful TI C67 series DSP onboard, 24-bit A/D/A conversion
✪ Buffer bypass switching, 100% pure analog signal path
✪ Outstanding frequency response and dynamic range; very low noise level
✪ Growing effects library
✪ 30+ CDCM powered amplifier/cabinet models
✪ 50+ CDCM powered legendary pedal models
✪ 30+ Hotone original effects (incl. High quality drive/dynamic/filter/modulation/delay/reverb models)
✪ Free iOS, Android and PC apps for loading and managing effects via Bluetooth®
✪ USB jack for firmware upgrading, loading/managing effects with PC app
✪ 6 transparent knobs with LEDs
✪ Ultrathin design, rock solid aluminum alloy casing

Ultimate Versatility
Hotone Xtomp Mini models after not only all those classic stompbox pedals, but also those mainstream amplifiers and cabs. Pedal simulations from drive to modulation, delay, EQ and reverb. Amps from vintage American clean, to classic British crunch and modern ferocious hi-gain. Cabs from single-speaker small combos to 412 half stacks and 810 human-height bass cabs. And The library is growing!

Gig Friendly
Xtomp Mini is built like a tank, solid and robust, to withstand all the wear and tear. The Bluetooth connectivity and Xtomp App make it quite easy to change and load different patches. The App can be downloaded at the Xtomp official site.

Controls: 6 LED knobs and a 1 On/Off footswitch
Mono In/ Mono Out jacks
Input impedance: 470 kOhm. Output impedance: 100 Ohm
Audio frequency response: 20Hz-20kHz
S/N Ratio: 105dB
Power: 9v DC, center negative
Current consumption: 250mA
Dimension: 62.5mm(D) x 113mm(W) x 43mm(H)
Weight: 200g