Footswitch Topper

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●Made of Quality Aluminum Alloy.

●Inside Rubber Inlays protecting the Footswitches.

●5PCS of Mixed Colors (Red, Blue, Green, Gold, Silver) per Set.

●The Wrench Tool (included) Adjusts the Fitness.

●Perfectly Fit for Standard Pedal Footswitches.

SONICAKE Footswitch Topper is made of quality aluminum alloy, with rubber inlays inside, protecting the footswitches of your pedals.

Color: red, blue, green, gold, silver.

Quality aluminum alloy material and rubber inlays inside can well protect the footswitches of your pedals.

Colorful caps can color your pedals with more style and enhance your performing experience.

They just simply make your pedals look stylish, and make sure that it would never sting when stomping the pedals barefoot.

The wrench tool can easily help you adjust the fitness of the caps.

Weight: 40g