Coral MDR
Coral MDR
Coral MDR
Coral MDR
Coral MDR
Coral MDR
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Coral MDR

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●Multi-use Modulation/Delay/Reverb Combo Pedal.

●16 Carefully Selected Algorithms including 3-Effect in Series.

●Tap Tempo Function for instant Speed/Time Control.

●Special Design Buffer Bypass Circuit Keeps the Sound Pristine.

●Working with 9V Center Negative Regular Pedal Power Supply. 

Power: 9V DC center negative(not included)
Current Consumption: 180mA
Dimensions: 93.5mm(D)×42mm(W)×52mm(H)
Weight: 150g
Delay Time Range: 25ms-2000ms

What is it?
MDR stands for Modulation, Delay, and Reverb. So, you can basically guess that this is a guitar pedal that is gonna give you those effects. But it has a little more. Valeton Coral MDR is a multi-effects guitar pedal that features 16 high-quality modulation, delay and reverb effects, and the combo of them! The combo of those effects that the pedal offers is really the bang for the bucks.

What's in it?
Coral MDR has a JC120 style chorus, a Boss CE style chorus, a script phaser, an univibe, a jet flanger, a normal flanger, an optical tremolo, a bias tremolo, a digital delay, an analog delay, a plate reverb, a hall reverb, a delay/reverb combo, a chorus reverb combo, and 2 chorus/delay/reverb combo.

Easy to Use
Other than the MIX, DEPTH/FB, and TIME controls, which are functioning as the names indicate, Coral MDR has an X/Y control knobs for you to further tailor the tone that you desire. The type knob and the A/B channel switch are for you to choose among those 16 effects listed above. There is a more detailed manual on Valeton's website. You can go up there and check.

The Footswitch
Other than turning the pedal on an off, holding the button helps you engage the tap tempo mode. Hold the button when powering up can also help you turn on and off the delay trail.