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Coral Cab
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Coral Cab

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●IR Cabinet Simulator System with 28 Carefully Selected Guitar/Bass Cabinet Types.

●Convenient GT/BASS Channel and A/B Group Switching.

●3-Band EQ and PRES. Knob for Detailed, Precise Tone Control.

●Special Design Buffer Bypass Circuit Keeps the Sound Pristine.

●Working with 9V Center Negative Regular Pedal Power Supply.

Power:9V DC center negative(not included)
Current Consumption:200mA
Dimensions:93.5mm(D)×42mm(W)×52mm (H)

IR Rules
The IR is one of those truly few technologies that can completely overwrite the guitar industry. I guess we can all agree to that. Valeton is releasing the Coral Cab not to give the community another cabinet simulator, but to introduce the magic of Impulse Response technology into their product map, giving the ultra-realistic experience of guitar playing.

What's in it?
Coral CAB has 28 professionally hand-picked IR cab sims, with 14 guitar cabs, and 14 bass cabs. Greenback G12, Blueback Alnico, Jenson, V30… It has it all. You can have a more detailed list on Valeton's website.

Bonus Features
Coral Cab gives you a 3-band EQ for you to further tailor the EQ curve of those cab sims to get the tone that you desire. And there is also PRES. Knob for you to add more presence to the final mix.

Easy to Use
The 28 cabs can be divided into 2 channels. The footswitch is for you to choose between channels: GT(guitar) Channel, LED goes green; BASS Channel, LED goes red. Cabs in each channel can be divided into 2 groups. You can use the A/B switch to choose between those 2 groups. The TYPE knob is for you to choose each specific cab in each cab group.