Fury - Sonicake
Fury - Sonicake
Fury - Sonicake
Fury - Sonicake
Fury - Sonicake
Fury - Sonicake
Fury - Sonicake
Fury - Sonicake



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●Analog Modern Classic Fuzz provides a Wide Tone Range from Creamy Fuzzy Drive to Hyper Dynamic Fuzz Distortion.

●Designed for both Guitar and Bass with Massive Low End.

●PUSH Mode for getting a Unique Nasty/Squeezed Fuzzy Sound.

●True Bypass Footswitch keeping your Guitar Sound Neat and Uncolorated.

●Working with 9V Center Negative Regular Pedal Power Supply.

Hotone Skyline FURY is a dual-mode fuzz pedal, giving you the classic rock n' roll sound that can be described as "Elegantly Filthy, from creamy fuzzy drive to hyper dynamic fuzz distortion. Interesting, right? It can be utilized for both guitarists and bassists.

The normal mode (PUSH button off) provides you with the iconic warm fuzz tone with powerful low end and a clear and strong attack, sounding perfectly nice on bass.

The PUSH mode is equipped with an extra boost, pushing your tone to a nastier sonic territory, squeezing your tone, making it even more unique. The pedal is downright rude for such a little box.

True-bypass footswitch design leaves your guitar sound neat and uncolorated.

✪ True Bypass Footswitch
✪ Zinc Alloy Outer Cover
✪ Transparent top knob and 2 noctilucent small knobs
✪ Cool LED lights
✪ Current Consumption: 3 mA
✪ Dimensions: 74mm (D) x 44mm (W) x 44mm (H)
✪ Weight: 190 g