Top 5 Metal Songs That Scream ‘Metal’ in the Titles

Richard C.


It is February 13, 1970 that is commonly considered as the birthday heavy metal music. Black Sabbath’s self-titled debut kicked the asses of all the blues-based rockers by that iconic intro riff of the self-titled track ‘Black Sabbath’. That flat 5th note, or the devil note, is so hauntingly powerful, that inspired millions of rockers to devote all their life and passion to this genre of music. And as the time went on metal became more defined, with bands like Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, Kiss, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Motorhead, Metallica and many others.

The metal music is so blasting different at the time, and created its powerful chaos that took the world in such a short time. No one was indifferent to metal. Love it or hate it. Some even labeled it as the creation of devil and fight against by trying to censor or even ban the music. No matter what, metal has really found its own throne in the world of music, and leaves one of the deepest impacts to it.

One metal band is not metal enough if they don't have a track with the word ‘metal’ in the title. That shows real dedication to the metal lord. So let’s take a look at the Top 5 metal songs that say ‘metal’ within the title.

Judas Priest – Metal Meltdown

The song starts with two blazing shredding solos performed by metal gods themselves – Glenn Tipton and K.K. Downing. Following that, there is this crazily sinister sounding riff. When the rest of the band kicks in, you’ve already found yourself banging your head like a deadest hardcore metal fan. The song is released on the “Painkiller” album, with great riff, great solos, fast pace, a breakdown, and above all Rob Halford's vocals.

Judas Priest is a renowned metal band that’s honored by fans around the globe. Their songs like "Metal Gods" and "Heavy Metal," "Metal Meltdown" definitely stands out as one of the most iconic songs of the genre.

Anthrax – Metal Thrashing Down

It is said that the term “Thrash Metal” is created by this very tune. Malcolm Dome of "Kerrang!" magazine introduced the term “Thrash Metal” to the world for the first time, while reviewing the great Anthrax "Fistful of Metal" album and this song. It certainly honored the band with having a whole genre named after them. The thundering drum, the crushing riff, the blasting scream, this track packs everything we love about thrash metal into a 2’42” of sonic madness.

Saxon – Heavy Metal Thunder

"Heavy Metal Thunder" is the opening track of Saxon's 1980 album "Strong Arm of the Law". With fast paced drums, thundering guitar riffs with blasting power amp distortion (Every guitar head out there knows that this tone has to come out of a 120% cranked amp. What’s more metal than beating up your amp to its physical limits), and Biff Byford's vocals, the song has undoubtedly become one of the greatest anthems of the genre. What more do you need for such a perfect metal song.

Venom – Black Metal

"Black Metal" opens Venom’s 2nd studio album, which is also called “Black Metal”, back in 1982. Back then, metal music really had developed into this monstrous wave that took the whole world. And it was also the age that NWOBHM took the scene. BUT, Venom really upgraded the game. They opened the gate of hell, bringing blackness to the music scene of the whole world, which inspired the more extreme extension of metal music, creating subgenres like thrash, power, death, doom and of course black metal.

Metallica – Metal Militia

"Metal Militia" is the 10th track of Metallica's groundbreaking debut album "Kill 'Em All". Just the album’s name “Kill 'Em All” is metal enough! Metal Militia is just a simple song about simple folks who simply enjoy heavy metal music. That blasting, fast and furious riff is an iconic way of calling to arms to all the die-hard fans to bathe in the glory of heavy metal.  

Even though "Metal Militia" is not present in Metallica's live set that often. But it's definitely one of the most favorites among the most hard-core fans. Of course the Black Album sounds fantastic, and the Puppet album is definitely THE classic. But "Kill 'Em All" is no doubt the coolest. It’s really exciting to even think about how this album kicked the asses of the underground music scene of L.A. back in the early 80’s.

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