SONIC VALUE, grand promo... Daily deal for everyone!

Ladies and Gents,

Quick poll here:

Who, among you guys, thinks that our Amazon pricing is still a little bit higher than expected, even though we are already in the "Budget Pedals" niche?

To be honest, Amazon charges a lot from millions of sellers like us. I guess that's what Bezos does to get this filthy rich. Then we are left with no options, but to include that part of cost into the price.

But here at our own site, without those charges, we are able to control our cost in a very practical way, which means that there is room for us to lower the price to a point where you might feel interested.

So, here we are. So psyched to get you guys a series of discount deals. We call it "SONIC VALUE". I'm talkin' about daily, weekly, and monthly!

Here is how it goes:

  • 1) Each month, there will be a set of 8 products selected for the SONIC VALUE Grand Promo sale, 2 for each week!
  • 2) The discount will be 25% off each product selected for the sale.
  • 3) We'll announce the code in the home page banner, which would be the first thing you see when landed on our site. We are also gonna give a shout out about it on our social accounts.


So, the deal for this week is as follows:

  • Redeem the code:  ROTZ25 
  • Knock 25% off RockStage & Frtiz 
  • Before Nov. 10.

If you are interested in RockStage, click here. 

If you are interested in Fritz, click here.


Have a KICK-ASS day!

Rock on!