[Gibson Bankruptcy] - Cant Bankrupt the Legacy



The Legacy


Richard C.


It seems that Gibson has really comes to the verge of breaking-through. According to Bloomberg, the industry giant has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy to unburden the company’s instrument business of the CE unit, which is blamed for its financial woes.  

As guitarists, none of us wants to see guitar shops putting up a sign saying “Last batch of Gibson Les Paul. Buy before it’s too late!” I’m sure millions are playing Fender, Jackson, Ibanez, Suhr... the list goes on. But still, we don’t want to be there when the day comes that Gibson became history forever. The brand is MUCH more of a piece of music history than just a piece of instrument.

For guitarists, most are inspired by some record they heard during puberty. It’s like finding out the magic of “second base”, well, during puberty. After finding that sound, we gradually learned the association of Gibson guitar.

It sings. It cries. It whispers. It screams. That everlasting sustain goes on through heaven and hell. That angry bite smashes entire sonic spectrum of the band. That fuzzy warmth cosies up the tips of your neurons.

You can never love Gibson guitars more. The sonic legacy of Gibson guitars imprints your soul, like a seed planted within the heart. It grows up, then breaks through, and finally becomes a thinking pattern and a lifetime lifestyle.

We are forever in gratitude of Gibson bring-out such amazing instrument, and forever in the euphoria of the music coming out the combo of those six strings and a piece of mahogany. That’s Gibson’s legacy and the instruments’ destiny.

Nobody wants to live in a world without Gibson guitars. The legacy has prevailed and will be passed on. Just like the title, you may bankrupt a company. But you can never and ever bankrupt the legacy.

Rock on, Gibson!