Dave Grohl: The Riff I Came Up With While Driving My Kids

"And I hummed it into my phone."

In an interview with Ugly Phil, Foo Fighters mastermind revealed how he came up with the main riff for the song "La Dee Da" from the band's last album "Concrete and Gold." He said :

"I remember coming up with that riff in my head as I was driving back from taking my kids to the bus stop. But I was humming it... *hums the riff* And the drumbeat on it is kinda sideways. 

"And I hummed it into my phone. And that's what I sometimes do, I'll hit the voice thing on my phone and just hum these stupid riffs. I've got a million of them and it sounds so weird to hear me going like that. 

"But I just imagined that it would have kind of cool swingy feel to it, but also be heavy as fuck. And we told Greg [Kurstin, the producer] 'We want this to be really thrashy and noisy.' And I sort of felt like we had to push him in that direction, and then he'd go like 'Oh, okay.' And he'd set it up to the point where it was so fucking noisy! I was like 'No, no, no, no, no... Dial it back a little bit. I know you're the fucking Adele guy, come on!'"

The album "Concrete and Gold" was released on September 15, 2017. The recording of the effort was done with the producer Greg Kurstin, also known for his work with Adele.

"Concrete and Gold" tracklisting:



"Make It Right"

"The Sky Is a Neighborhood"

"La Dee Da"

"Dirty Water"


"Happy Ever After (Zero Hour)"

"Sunday Rain"

"The Line"

"Concrete and Gold"